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>> It’s the back-to-work Monday morning and my desk has been deluged with an assortment of bits and bobs which I’m MOST egg-cited about.  Parcels and cards arriving post Christmas just means an extension of the holiday which can only be a good thing (I have a sad panda face at the prospect of our tree coming down…). 

My hand nearly fell off today just holding a binliner of trash given how cold it is at the moment but summer came swooping in via workmail to smack me in the face in a manner that is “harder, better, faster, stronger” in the true dat words of Daft Punk.  The new Jan/Feb issue of Russh landed on my desk and the cover story, shot by Benny Horne and styled by Stevie Dance has given me much food for thought for how I can carve out my ‘surferette-in-the-city’ ensembles.  I blame the random pair of neoprene surf shorts I bought on sale in Oak when I was in New York over Halloween.  And Cynthia Rowley’s pending contribution to Roxy.  And my general ongoing love affair/sick fascination with the material neoprene.  Actually, I just blame myself. 

Without busting out with too much of a cliche, it could be that Russh, being an Aussie-based publication has much surfgear at their disposal to create these looks and that designers down under are already ahead of the curve with surf-inspired pieces (I spy a few archive Dion Lee pieces that slotted in rather well as well as the beautiful Josh Goot dress that is on the cover).  However, credit must be given to the amount of customisation work done to the real McCoy wetsuits that are used throughout the shoot.  It has added the final fuel for me to be brave enough to hack my way through a piece of activewear that I would not have otherwise bought.  Or perhaps Russh keeps a chest marked “Slashed Up Surfwear” that they’d like to share at a price.  Nevertheless I shall be clad in neoprene whichever route I go down…   

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(Pics from TheFashionSpot)

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